What we do

We are ready to help you with your software needs. Our expertise is in building bespoke software solutions, microsites and websites for various sectors. Feel free to contact us and discuss next steps based on your needs.


Delivering software projects is in our core. Based on your needs we can maintain ownership of the project from the beginning to the successful end by helping you to define your product, development phases and technology. We have experience with green field projects and long-running projects.

Software development

Software should fit your needs. Active participation and leadership in planning, architecture, coding, testing, and deployment lead to successful project delivery.


Fast and efficient software is the key to customer satisfaction. We offer performance optimisation of your bespoke software solution. Carefully targeted measurements, analysis, and code changes will help you to achieve significant performance boosts while reducing operation costs due to software efficiency improvements.


Websites should be quick and responsive. We create efficient websites and improve your online presence. We are keen to collaborate with bloggers, local shops, and enterprises. State-of-the-art analytic solutions will help you to understand your website performance.


Mobile Photo Guide

Mobile Photo Guide is a smart travel guide in your pocket. It features the best photo locations in your travel destination.


Mobile Photo Guide App Screenshot


LLmaps computes commuting time in your city. It gives you an estimate for whole city while selecting a single place or multiple places of your interest.


About us

Our approach

We have pragmatic approach to chosen technology. Proposed solutions are based on your needs and long-term vision.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) should enable you to be more productive and help your customers to accomplish their tasks in a faster and intuitive way. Effective AI integration feels natural to use without any negative surprises.

Remote working

Technologies of the 21st century allow us to be productive from anywhere around the world via remote working and flexible hours. However, we don't underestimate value of face-to-face human interaction in initial phases of your project.


Our team is mainly specialised in the following technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Vanilla JavaScript, React, Amazon Web Services, Google Maps Platform, Twilio, HTML5


We are specialised in remote working without a physical office. Our main location is Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
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